Why is everything so complicated?

I consider myself relatively technical but I have to say that this world of domain management has me a bit confused. Between Hosting fees, DNA service and website templates I must have spent a full day this weekend trying to sort these things out. I tend to over-complicate things, so that’s what I did again.

On to weight loss….

I joined Weight Watchers again, for probably the 30th time in the last 33 years. I’m not exaggerating. Why do I think this time will be different?

  1. I went all out and got a WW coach this time. I think I need the personal accountability. In addition, the extra money tends to make me pay more attention…
  2. I do like the leader here in my area. She’s funny, kind and will kick your booty if you start to whine.
  3. I’m in it for the long haul. In the past, I was trying so hard to get to lifetime that I would make short term decisions that were not comfortable for my lifestyle and I was not willing to make the change. Now, if I decide that a change is not sustainable, I will not continue in that behavior. And if that means I’m more than the WW official goal weight, then I can make a decision. I can ask for an exception, decide to quit or decide to keep paying – whatever works for me.
  4. Notwithstanding #3, I am willing to try new things on an experimental basis to see how I like it.
  5. My “why” feels very, very real right now – I am in pain most of the time, with my feet, hips, back and neck hurting. This is the first time that my weight has negatively affected my lifestyle. I was on vacation last week and avoided some activities because I didn’t feel good. And that sucked.
  6. My confidence needs improvement and my mood has been dark.  Taking control and making physical improvements is a way to move my outlook in the right direction.

All that being said – this week was a successful one in the WW parlance – tracked everything last week, prepped for this upcoming week, walked with my neighbor then again with my husband and pups, and sorted out this website thing (I think). Now my back hurts, my feet hurt, I have a coaching call and laundry in the washing machine. And we’re off to another week!

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