Weight Loss Happens on a Saturday

The plan

Saturdays are the days I set aside for my Weight Watchers meeting, food shopping, some food prep, some good focused exercise and getting my nails done. And sometimes some fun 🙂

Today my food plan consisted of a few meals that I would cook today and eat throughout the upcoming week; specifically:

  • Egg, sausage and cheese burritos (make a dozen or so)
  • Quinoa, black bean and mango salad
  • Picadillo burrito or salad or with brown rice

What they say about the best laid plans is true….

What actually happened

I was so hungry after my 7:30 AM meeting that, though I stopped at the supermarket to get key ingredients, I could wait to cook and prep all those burritos so I pulled out the salad from last night. Still yummy! I was only up 0.4 pounds to 149.8 on their scale which was not bad considering I was traveling this week and ate and drank what I wanted sans tracking.

Then I started on the homemade sausage (so easy!) and 14 eggs for the 16 burritos.

Then I started browning the chop meat in the saute plan and pulled out the crock pot for the picadillo and started chopping the veg.

Then I cut my hand trying to catch a dropping knife. Yikes! Note to self – let it go next time. It seriously slowed me down but didn’t stop me!

Then my sister called and wanted to chat so here it is at 2:45 PM and dinner will be a BBQ at my sister’s house [picadillo will go straight to the fridge] and my run still has not been tackled. The good news is that I am responsible for the food at the BBQ, which means control over my choices. Controlling my environment is key for me.

And now I’m off for a run. The mango quinoa salad and my nails will just have to get done tomorrow. Such first world problems…

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