Tackling weight loss as a project

Project Road Map

Why hadn’t I thought of this before?!? Treat my weight loss as a PROJECT, a real transformation project that I do at work ALL THE TIME. Like, for the last 30 years.

I laid out the project serially, i.e., one habit or skill at a time. My logic is – if I approach the main facets of weight loss with intensity and focus, I can build some skill to get good at it. Then it won’t take so much focus and time each day, and hopefully I won’t get overwhelmed and give up.

Given the fact that I’m starting my full-time gig next week, I’ve laid out a road map for the habits to focus on for the next year. It feels like I’m starting school again. I need a new notebook!

  • September: Menu planning and food prep
  • October: Running endurance
  • November: Mindset
  • December: Strength and power training
  • January: Goals and rewards
  • February: Habits
  • March: Food tracking and nutrition analysis [if I don’t get to this in September]
  • April: Purging / organizing (just in time for spring cleaning!)
  • May: Support / collegiality / building a network [major comfort zone break here]
  • June: Sleep
  • July: Stress Reduction / Relaxation
  • August: Tools and gadgets [maybe build some integration between the tools I use the most?]


Not saying that things may not change but at least I have a baseline to work against. I will build a fancy road map for posting and to add to remind myself what the goal is. Gretchen Rubin, Benjamin Franklin and Darren Hardy also use something of a habit or rhythm register to track success for the day for each day. I will mess around with formats for that too. I may also want to try a Kanban board. But now I may be over-complicating it!


Another thing I read that might help me is to set guidelines for myself. Not hard and fast rules, but things that, all of a sudden, are things that I no longer do. One example is “I don’t eat anything past 9 PM.” Or “My preferred snack is a piece of whole fruit.”

Already breaking my goal of focus, I will start with two:

(1) “Don’t eat of the container the food came in.” Even if it means washing another dish. And I don’t have a dishwasher in my kitchen. Even a frozen dinner. y WW leader does this and she said it adds to the mindfulness of your eating. [Except if its single serve yogurt That’s just silly.]

(2) “No eating while moving.” Whether its on the train, walking the dogs, in the car, walking to and from the office. I already used this one for a train ride yesterday and it worked to helped me postpone lunch until  I could eat what I had planned instead of picking up something at Penn Station because I was hungry and they have Auntie Annie’s pretzels.

Tomorrow I will have the project road map and the start of the rhythm register for this month, and some kind of way to remind myself of my guidelines.

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