Some starting stats

I’m a bit of a geek (ok, a lot of a geek) and I LOVE numbers. So I decided to plunk down $120 to get a DEXA body composition scan.

Unfortunately I don’t have my original starting numbers except my highest weight from Weight Watchers of 174.9 pounds. I now have a good to have a baseline to compare against in 6 months time.

Long story short I’m right around the mean for a woman my age and race. That’s doesn’t mean I’m happy, but it does mean that I’m average. Who wants to be average? Not me!

Before I can even think about goals, here’s where I’m at:

  • Height:5′ 4″
  • Weight: 151
  • % fat: 42% (interesting because my Withings had me at 38.8% today). That means pounds of body fat = 63.4 pounds.
  • Android/Gynoid (hip to waist) ratio: 0.97 The ideal is 0.8 or lower.
  • RMR is 1,195 calories

Information is power. I will let my brain percolate on the numbers and meaningful goals FOR ME.

I have tripped myself up in the past by focusing on what I should want or what other people want. What would make me feel successful? And why?

Two very big questions.

On a lighter note, I made Skinnytaste’s grilled romaine salad. it was AH-MAZING!! My photo below.

Here’s the link:


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