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After much heartache (I mean, learning) about images in WordPress, here is my weight loss roadmap for this school year. Isn’t it pretty? Too bad you can’t read the ext. I think I will have to change my theme in order to get larger images to appear on the page which is a major hassle, and something I’m not ready to tackle. September’s focus is Meal Planning and Prep.


I’m going to print this and hang someplace where I will see it everyday.

My feedback loop – the Daily Register

I also came up with 4 simple checks for me to review at the end of each day to make sure I’m performing the key activities for success, similar to Benjamin Franklin’s daily register of thirteen virtues. I plan to print this on an index card to carry with me:

For the meal planning, I have tried so many things in the past – and have failed miserably with keeping it up. In retrospect, I think I ran into a few issues:

  1. I was inflexible – if something was on my plan and I didn’t eat it, I had no recovery path
  2. I would get overwhelmed trying to plan and cook a whole week in advance
  3. I would plan, cook and eat things that did not come out well. To make matters worse, I would put them in the freezer to slowly disintegrate, never to be seen again
  4. I would get overwhelmed trying a new tool along with the new method, adding to the learning curve
  5. I did not create a feedback and learn my lessons from these mistakes. I would just give up, feeling hopeless, and go back to flying by the seat of my pants and eating out a lot

I have to admit that I started this habit a little early because I know this will be a huge struggle for me, especially with the new job stating next week. I have committed to setting up a plan and checking and changing it on a daily basis until I get this habit ingrained. I don’t think this plan has stayed the same from one day to another, but I think that’s okay. I still need to figure out what our eating patterns are, how much cooking in advance is too much, how many main meals do we really need and getting used to trying new things and really tossing them if they are not good.

My feedback loop – Journaling

I will also add a journaling component to this month: I have brainstormed a few questions to ask myself as I go through the days. I have a brand new notebook to document the answers and learn from my mistakes:

  1. Did I know what I planned to eat for the upcoming day? Did I have to check the plan? How did I remind myself?
  2. Did I stick to the plan? If not, why not? If so, what worked well?
  3. Did I perform the necessary prep work? Why not, and if so, what worked?

I’m sure I will have more questions that will come up, but I think these are crucial for my learning.

What’s you favorite meal planning tool or process? How far in advance do you know what you will be eating?

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  1. I find that when I am being successful at meal planning, I am keeping a lot of fresh veg and healthy proteins in my fridge so that I can mix and match as I go. I too find that cooking for a whole week didn’t always work for me. And with my current profession that makes finding time to cook a challenge, I found these great Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers at the grocery store that are a great go to when I am out of time. I NEVER ate frozen meals in the past because of all the additives, but this line is preservative free and the proteins are hormone free.

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