My progress on half-week one


It’s amazing how quickly I can forget my intentions and commitments once life gets moving. I’m sure this is normal, and in all fairness, I’m still not in a routine. Excuses? Yep. Recognition of the flaw in my plan and the conflict with my reality right now? It’s progress

Starting on September 1st (Thursday) I made a really nice business card size reminder “daily register” that I would complete on a daily basis. Well, that got lost in the bottom of my purse never to be seen again. Then I started running errands on Friday the 2nd without eating breakfast. I saluted myself for only getting a mini bagel when I realized I WAS EATING IT IN THE CAR, in violation of guideline #1: don’t eat while on the move. This was also in violation of guidelines 3 and 4, have a plan and follow the plan. So I sat in the car, motor off, finished eating and debated whether it was still considered on the move if I’m in the car. I decided no, since I wasn’t shoving food in my mouth while at red lights. Then I found my journal with the 3 key questions and thought, hmm, this isn’t quite working the way I had wanted.

Over the weekend we got two invitations for dinners out with friends which is quite rare, and I really wanted to go. I realized that my goal to have a plan and follow the plan is in direct conflict to wanting to be social and somewhat spontaneous (which is very difficult for me). Couple that with the fact that I’m starting a new job and summer is ending and I just wanna have some fun, the plan went out the window. For now. At least, I tracked what I ate, went over my daily and weekly points allotment, and gained 1 pound on the Weight Watchers scale, but at least I know where it came from.

Feedback Loop

What I learned and what I will change:

  • I can’t be too strict in my eating plan so as to rebel. Against myself.
  • Have quicker options ready in the event I don’t prep. I read an article about Emergency Fund food choices and I want to come up with a few pantry and WW points-friendly complete meals I can throw together without much fuss or advance planning
  • Put my reminders where I will see them everyday – electronic calendar in my phone, phone case pocket, next to my bed, bathroom mirror, bulletin board
  • Make the reminders quicker to make – I printed the reminders on business cards and laminated them, which took entirely too much time if I plan to make them on a weekly basis. I have to allow myself to hand-write some, laminate only occasionally, and print on letter size paper

Multiple week register

Multiple week register

Not so fussy reminder card

Not so fussy reminder card

Now off the supermarket to prep for the week! Wish me luck in the new job!!!

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